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Wurm "Aux Portes de l'agonie" CD

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Depressive Black Metal
Wurm "Aux Portes de l'agonie" CD

Opis produktu

Vinlandic depressive and melancholy Black Metal in the vein of old BURZUM and ABYSSIC HATE! Atmospheric Heathen BM similar to PEORDH and FOMORII / WIATR / GEIMRE, but more sparse and minimal. Ancient atmosphere featuring live drumming, less fuzz and less distortion from strummed guitars which sound like amplified (electrified) acoustic-guitar to possibly approximate the sound of lute or balalaika in the vein of TEMNOZOR or newer folk-oriented DRUDKH. 5 Long and diverse songs with Total playing-time of 54:32; Import CD from Ewiges Eis Records, Germany;
Limited to only 999 units made!

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Format CD
Producent Ewiges Eis Records
Rozmiar -
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Nadruk -
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Produkt importowany